Lenovo Tab 3 7 Essential Review and Gaming Test + Camera Test


Lenovo Tab 3 7 Essential Review and Gaming Test + Camera Test
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Today I am looking at the extremely budget-friendly Lenovo Tab3 Essential 7inch Android Tablet. The Lenovo Tab3 7 Essential is currently the cheapest Lenovo tablet on the market and is also probably the cheapest tablet from a major brand. The tablet has a 7” display on the front with this relatively thick bezel around it. The Lenovo Tab3 Essential 7 is also slightly on the thicker side measuring in at around 10mm. And just for comparison, the Tab3’s closest competitor, the 7” Samsung Galaxy Tab A comes in around 8mm. The Lenovo Tab3 7 essential is also a bit heavier than the Tab A, weighing in at 300g compared to the Tab A’s 275g weight. Now despite being a bit on the heavier and thicker side, the Lenovo Tab3 Essential is actually pretty comfortable to hold with even one hand. And I absolutely love the textured surface of the rear cover which really increases your grip on the tablet. And though the device is largely made from cheap, hard plastic, the fit and finish quality is actually pretty good and the tablet feels pretty solid. And I also like the blue trim on the edge of the tablet, which adds touch of color in a sea of dull, boring, black budget tablets. The Tab3 has it’s volume rocker and button on the right edge and the micro-usb charge port and 3.5mm headphone port on it’s top edge. And since it only comes with 8GB of built-in memory, Lenovo provides a microsd card slot on the left hand edge. The Lenovo tab3 7 can handle microsd cards as large as 64GB. The 7” display isn’t even a 720p HD display and has a resolution of 1024 x 600. But despite it’s lower resolution, the screen surprisingly performs pretty decently. The colors are all well saturated and the screen is reasonably bright. The display also has pretty decent viewing angles. The Tab3 is currently running Android Lollipop 5.01 and is a bit on the slower side. It just is bit slower than slightly more expensive 7 inch tablets, especially when doing basic tasks such as browsing the web. Now, it isn’t very sluggish or glitchy. Just a tiny bit slower and a little less responsive than more expensive tablets. Despite that, it’s still very usable for things like browsing the web or watching videos on Youtube or Netflix. And talking about Netflix and Youtube, both apps worked pretty well on this device and videos played back without any issues whatsoever. It’s actually a pretty decent device to watch movies on, as you can see in this clip. The audio quality from the speaker, which is embedded into the screen, is pretty good too. It’s more than adequate for watching movies or videos, as you can probably tell from this clip. When it comes to gaming too, the Lenovo Tab3 Essential performs pretty decently. Even more graphics intensive games perform pretty well and I didn’t notice it dropping any frames or hanging. In fact, it was quite responsive and playing games on it worked surprisingly well.The battery life was actually pretty good. In my tests, the device played back video from youtube for about 2.5 hours on a single charge. The rear facing camera is ok. If you don’t have another camera available and absolutely need to take a picture, it will take usable pictures, provided you have enough light. Now, most people aren’t really going to use their tablet to take pictures, so this won’t be a deal breaker for most. So should you buy the 7” Tab 3 Essential from Lenovo? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for? If you’re looking for a tablet under a $100, that will let you browse the web and watch videos and movies, you really can’t get any better than the Tab3. For around $70 in the US, you get a decently-built, branded tablet that lets you browse the web and watch movies. For people looking for a budget tablet, you just can’t get better than Lenovo Tab3 7 Essential. It’s amazing value for money. I’ll leave a link to the Lenovo Tab3 Essential below, in case you’re looking to buy one.

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