How to Install CodeBlocks ( IDE 20.03 ) with MinGW for C and C++ Programming on Windows 10


In this video we will download the CodeBlocks IDE and set it up with MinGW for programming in c and c++ language.

Code blocks is an open source, free IDE available for all platforms ( windows, Linux, mac ).
mingw stands for minimalist GNU for Windows and it is a minimalist development environment for native Microsoft Windows applications and it comes with GNU tool chain, which comes to the GCC, the GNU compiler collection which supports languages like ‘C’ ‘C plus plus’ ‘ada’ ‘fortran’ etc.

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  1. I have downloaded 32-bit code block with same procedure you have shown in this video but when I'm opening Code Block it give me "Environment error". What should I do to remove that error?

  2. Bro I have serious problem…tomorrow my cse finnal exam bt the code blocks did not work….Already iI newly setup windows and follow your video 1st to last….everything is ok part by part bt when I select c programm and try to make a new project then every time show error<couldn't create project directory;>……….please give me a solution very urgently

  3. After that, We are gonna download FIFA 2005, GTA 4, and sims3. But before we started we have to smile to pc by saying MinGW MinGW. Eventually, our PC is gonna ask us that Is there any way to make it more simple? Like downloading one simple program? (by the way, I really appreciate your turn of expression:)


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